Knowledge of both social and business culture and language skill are two decisive aspects when it comes to trade with Russian Federation. SBK Consulting offers comprehensive translation, interpretation and consulting services by carefully considering cultural differences, social manners as well as historical references.


The company offers following services:


  • Complete assistance with language and consultation during personal meetings, negotiations and exhibitions.

  • Search for business partners and help you to develop a close relationship with them.

  • Search for the right contact person for a particular deal.

  • Introduction of a business product to the potential buyers in Russia.

  • Preparation and/or translation of  reports/articles on given topics for research purposes or other in English and Russian.

  • Translations and production of presentation materials in English and Russian

  • Special fields: literature, logistics, market economy, Railway transportation,  Research and education, culture, tourism as well as translations of documents, brochures, websites, contracts,manuals  etc.